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Being Beautiful Just Got Better - Carabella launches new look for its website

Being Beautiful Just Got Better - Carabella launches new look for its website

It seems that it was just yesterday when Carabella entered the Beauty and Skin Care scene in the Philippines. In an industry which is mainly dominated by foreign brands and local products named after the two most Popular Beauty Doctors in the Philippines, Carabella's CEO Mr. Rey Ignes took a bold step and joined in. Equipped with the strong belief on his products' potential and on the quality of his products there was no doubt in his mind that Carabella can compete in the market.

Fast forward to 2020, Carabella is still in the game. Overcoming adversity along the way specially now in a year where the economy feels like it has been frozen in time. As the saying goes "Out of adversity comes great ideas and opportunities, and in this case Social Media Marketing was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Sales and consumer engagement was the two main concerns these past few months. Factors like "community quarantine"and "social distancing" were the main catalyst for declining sales and even resulted for some businesses to either close down or cut cost by laying off employees. Carabella's management was not willing to do either of the two and still persevered on finding the right solution, then came the idea of venturing to Social Media Marketing. It was like an answered prayer coming from up above, it actually covered everything - Customers can't go to the mall and shop, let's take our product online. Now all we needed was a make-over.

( prior to the make-over)

Once the plans for a social media campaign was announced the excitement and positivity within Carabella has never been higher before. Workshops were done in order to incorporate the power of online marketing to the company's sales strategy. A website that was once dormant and was often set aside ,has now become the focal point of all sales and marketing campaign. A Facebook page with 7,375 likes and 7,400 follows has never been as active before. 

(The new look of

The updated version of the website went live on September 8. It offers new product images, exciting promos and user friendly interface for all customers that wants to order from the website. A code that offers 20% discount can also be availed by liking and sharing Carabella's official Facebook and Instagram page or by inquiring thru our in-house skin care and beauty experts.

This is just the first of many upcoming events and promotions, so make sure to constantly visit and Carabella's official Facebook and Instagram pages. So don't just standby and watch, avail and try out all of Carabella's products because BEING BEAUTIFUL JUST GOT BETTER.

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Generosa Rafol
Sep 10, 2020

Beautiful and amazing products

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