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Beautifully Fair-Pinay Skin by Carabella

Beautifully Fair-Pinay Skin by Carabella

Having blessed with an Oriental-Asian skin–which is known to be naturally fair and smooth to begin with–doesn’t mean I don’t have to take precautions with my skin. I mean, we’d all develop wrinkles at some point, our skin would lose elasticity at some point, and probably we’d all develop sun spots at some point. Thus, I still enjoy discovering new skincare brands, both locally and internationally, that would work well with my skin.

 I was invited to the launch of Carabella at M Cafe in Makati. This latest skin care and skin whitening brand, Carabella, differentiates itself from competition by bringing in the best ingredients from Japan while incorporating Filipino ingenuity and technology.

Carabella, from the Spanish word Cara (face) and Italian word Bella (beautiful), aims to let Filipinas achieve that beautiful, naturally-fair skin without burning a hole in their pocket. I, along with a handful of bloggers, were invited to get to know more about the brand and its products.

Among its range of whitening and collagen products, Carabella’s best-selling Belleiseshua Pure Collagen Supplement Drink piqued my interest the most. This prized collagen drink is made in Japan.

I think the beauty gods were on my side that day since I got to take home a box of Belleiseshua Pure Collagen Supplement Drink by winning Carabella’s most liked Instagram photo. Yay! Can’t wait to share with you my review on that soon! 


-credits to Couchwasabi for all content and images

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