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A Message from our CEO

A Message from our CEO

Carabella has existed in the Philippine Market since 2013 and in order to become a competitive company, we continue to invest in product research and market analytics. Because of these our company has remained unfazed and unwavering even amidst the present challenging situations not only in the beauty industry but the economy as a whole.  

As we continuously strive for excellence, we  will  do our best to make your skin and body,healthy and beautiful.Beauty brings confidence and courage, joy and new energy to people. We believe that, in today’s difficult environment, beauty can help reinvigorate society. That now more than ever it has the power to change the world.

As the CEO and on behalf of all employees, I would like to take this opportunity to make a commitment that the Company will continue developing the organization and release new products in order to achieve our aspiration of proudly becoming one of the top brands in health,skincare and beauty products.

I wish each and everyone all the best and may you continue to be safe and healthy.



Reynaldo Ignes

CEO, Carabella Pure Collagen 

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