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DISCOUNT SALE 40% OFF for 7 Days

DISCOUNT SALE 40% OFF for 7 Days

The party is just getting started!  Carabella launched the new face of its website just a week ago. Staying true to their word, it was just the beginning of a month filled with exciting promos and events. Saturday,September 13, 2020 Carabella set its website on fire by announcing a 7 Day Sale with 40% Discount on any total purchase.

Availing of the discount is easy as pie. All you need to do is visit the website and choose the product/s you want to purchase. Upon checkout there will be a portion where you can key in the promo code: 7DPure . Discount gets applied automatically and you will see the updated amount real time.

The promotion aims to create customer awareness as to  where you can avail Carabella's products. Our Facebook official page has been getting a lot of inquiries lately  from repeat customers that were impressed with the effects of the product but does not know where they can order. Well worry no more Folks! All of our products are available and ready to be added to your cart from our website.

All of our products are guaranteed made with only the purest and quality ingredients. Not to mention it also comes in a budget friendly price. 

Best to head off in our website and shop while stocks last. Subscribe to our newsletter for you to be updated with upcoming events, promos and freebies.





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